Barcelona turns a deaf ear to the words of Massimo Moratti, president of Inter Milan, who has not ruled out the signing of Leo Messi. In fact, the Italian president believes that, although it would be a complicated operation, he could enter the negotiation for Lautaro.

But in the Camp Nou they have not flinched at this statement. That Messi leaves Barcelona is a scenario that no one considers. No one. In none of the offices. And, logically, the Argentine international would never enter an exchange operation for another footballer.

The Catalan club is even pending to extend the Barca captain’s contract and the entity’s wishes to sign Lautaro respond, to a large extent, to the intention of making a winning team, which is what Messi wants. The culé attacker has long been asking for a competitive block that allows them to raise the Champions again.

Messi also has no intention of changing airs. Despite the fact that in recent months he has expressed his discrepancies and discomfort towards the management of some members of the sports management or of the Board, he has not considered leaving the Camp Nou or Barcelona.

In the dispatches they believe that Moratti’s threat to sign Messi is nothing more than a way of pressing for Barcelona to rethink the incorporation of Lautaro and destabilize it.


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