paths, but both wrapped in controversy. Coutinho left Barça after the season
and a half where he ended up despairing the Barca fans, who considered that the
Brazilian never lived up to being the most expensive signing in the club’s
history. His departure resulted in the arrival of Griezmann, which begins to
despair of an increasingly large sector of the planet culé although it has only
been a few months under the orders of Valverde.

However, and although we are almost in the league start, the truth is that there are data that are more than significant. Barcelona has hardly played 11 days (it would be 12 without the postponed Classic), a time that invites us to reflect on the performance of its brand new signing with the first data in hand. And it is that the numbers do not lie and the similarity with the second season of Coutinho in the Camp Nou attracts the attention, taking into account that the previous one played only half when arriving in the winter market. Therefore, if we stick to their only campaign that started from day one, the comparison between the two is similar.

example, after the first 11 days, adding everything disputed in the League and
Champions League, the number of minutes played by both is almost traced:
Coutinho at this point had played 1080 minutes (remembering that in his second
season), while Griezmann He has played 1047. In all that time the two managed
to add three assists each goal.

But the similarity goes much further: both the Brazilian and the French have four goals in that same period of time. A fact that, for many, is poor in the case of the former Atlético, who came to add in attack and contribute his scoring profile. In Casa del Levante his defensive performance was highly valued, an aspect that has been “ tattooed ” in his conditions after his stage under the orders of Cholo. It is true that he sacrifices himself in defense, something that Suarez and Messi do not do, but it is striking that not even in this section differs from what Coutinho offered: 34 recoveries of the French at this stage of the season by 32 of the Brazilian when he wore Barça in the same period of time.

In fact, the now Bayern Munich player, with same goals, same assists, almost same minutes played and almost same recoveries, has in his favor the offensive aspect, since in that space he made 21 shots at goal, by 17 Griezmann Thus, it seems clear that, at least so far, the Frenchman does not improve the Brazilian. There is a lot of season and the career of ‘Grizi’ in Barça has only taken off, but it is clear that only the goals will silence that runrun that is increasingly spreading among the culé fans.


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