Ernesto Valverde appeared in the press room in the previous
meeting against Mallorca. The Txingurri took the opportunity to assess Messi’s
recent reception of his sixth Golden Ball.

Mallorca: “He is a newly promoted. Outside the house he is
having problems and at home he is solvent. He plays without complexes, he
always tries to have a positive attitude in the field. He will come with the
intention of planting our face and getting something positive.”

Messi and the withdrawal: “It seems something natural,
something normal. In the end he is 32 years old and he is not going to retire
tomorrow. It is something he does not have in his head but it is there, when a
player passes the 30 always thinks. It is give that a lot of spin. You have to
see it in a natural way. When the years go by there will come a time that will
leave football, but it won’t be now. “

Train Messi: “You are aware of the privilege you have, but
sometimes day by day it does not let you enjoy it at all. Over time you enjoy
it more. I am aware, I am lucky to say that I have trained Leo. Just as the
elders speak of Di Stefano, we can say that we have been in the time of Messi

Six Ballon D’ or: “See Ballon D’ or there, it impresses. It
is one of those images that endures. It gives the idea of ​​who is

Rakitic: “He is a safe player in many aspects. In the same
way that there have been times that he has not participated, he has trained to
take advantage of his opportunity. He has performed at a good level and we are
happy with that. We will see what happens in next games It has come out in
difficult times, and that is a guarantee. “

Chants about Griezmann: “I am not a judge nor do I have the
necessary knowledge to know what corresponds. The issue of insults in the world
of football is passed on sideways, we have a wide way of measuring them. We
think that people are going to let off steam is allowed, when you have to go
have fun and be respectful. I don’t know what will happen. “

Semedo and Jordi Alba: “They have not started doing anything
with the group. We will see if they can play at any time in these games. We
will not risk in that sense. We have earned the fact of being classified in the
last day, but tomorrow’s game is important to endorse what we did. “

Improvement of the team: “When you get a game with
difficulty, which is not so bright, it seems that the team is very bad. When
you win Dortmund it seems that it is fine. We are in an important moment of the
season. Already last week what it was with Borussia and the Wanda match. We
don’t want to stop being strong. We also have an obligation with the game and
we want to face the week with high morale after winning against Atlético.


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