The assent of the Portuguese from Madeira decisive for the success of the negotiation

Matteo Pierelli

His opinion has always weighed. Much. His story, his career, his charisma says it, not only in the field. And this was the case again. If there is one thing that Cristiano Ronaldo never does is pull the leg back. Whether in Turin, away, or in his Funchal, Madeira island, where he took refuge immediately after the game against Inter: he had flown away in a hurry to go and see Mum Dolores in the hospital and remained there, after the coronavirus affair took off all over the world. A “flight” that had made jurisprudence in the black and white dressing room, so much so that several of his companions later left Italy.

However, Cristiano made a true, authentic Juventus move: he met the demands of the club and paved the way for an agreement. Because of course his was the most important decision of the whole team. CR7 earns 31 million net per season, at least triple that of all his teammates. And once the signal from Madeira was positive, everything was simpler, in a negotiation that saw Giorgio Chiellini as “ambassador”. Gigi Buffon and Leonardo Bonucci also confronted Paratici on the salary issue, but the man who had a decisive role was Chiello, who is now also studying as a manager. And Ronaldo, in such a dramatic period, wanted to set a good example for everyone. Given the situation, he will give up € 10.3 million. That obviously will not change his life, even if his decision opens a new path probably to the whole football planet given the globality of the character


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