Slavia Prague has not only hallucinated with the
dimensions of the Camp Nou and the excellent temperature of Barcelona. Since
landing in El Prat, members of the Czech expedition are amazed at the security
measures in Barcelona.

“At the airport I had to undress practically
whole,” Trpisovsky joked. But, in addition, the Czech group is staying in
the same hotel as Felipe VI, which is taken by the security forces. “I had
never seen so many bodyguards together. We jokingly say that they are for us,”
commented the coach.

The Slavia has fitted the situation very well and even
had no problems waiting to give their press conferences, and delay them,
because the translators arrived late at Camp Nou because of the cuts on Avenida

For Slavia Prague, the Champions League and this displacement and match against Barça is a great prize that is enjoying the most. For the Czech team “it is the football party”.


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